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Marked for Death vs Anticipation for Combat

I decided I want to go into detail about the choice between these two talents. I understand that anticipation feels pretty mandatory for most rogues, and I felt that way too until late into Siege of Orgrimmar. I have since switched to Marked for Death due to a variety of reasons. I think one compelling (and perfectly valid) reason for choosing anticipation is that it simply frees up a keybind. I do not, however, think that makes it simpler to use than Marked for Death. Marked for Death is pretty simple to use, too. With this post I am going to go into detail on exactly how these two abilities impact your dps and your damage breakdown.

Just this morning I decided to run 7 simulations with simulationcraft-548-8 build. Note that this is the most recent live MoP build, not a WoD beta build. That said neither Anticipation nor Marked for Death has changed in Warlords, so the conclusions on these two talents SHOULD be equally valid for the upcoming expansion. You can, however, put this information into practice now. Read More…


Combat Profile Improvements for Warlords SimulationCraft

Given that I don’t have beta access to Warlords of Draenor, all of my rotation testing has to be done in a theorycrafting tool and not in-game. I also have to trust those theorycrafting tools are modeling things correctly as I can not log into the beta to verify them myself.

That preamble aside, last night I decided to build the WoD version of Simulationcraft to see if I could tweak the combat action priority list for an improvement, and to get some more insight into some mechanics. Read More…