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Rogue AoE in Warlords of Draenor

I wanted to take a couple minutes to share my thoughts on the AoE-related Draenor perks. It’s easy to see they’re still iterating on the design, so these thoughts may be invalid next week but I’m going to go ahead and put them out there anyway. As a preamble, I am going to warn you that I won’t be talking much about the changes to Fan of Knives and Crimson Tempest for Assassination rogues. The reason is that I don’t believe much needs to be said. I haven’t thought about them much because they work perfectly well with the spec’s theme and toolkit. Nor are they all that strong or weak. I think they nailed the design on the AoE perks for Assassination. Read More…


Bandit’s Guile Mechanic in Warlords of Draenor

In my previous posts I was taking a qualitative look at the Mists of Pandaria iteration of the rogue talent tree. With this post I am going to go into a more mathematical analysis of one specific Draenor Perk for Combat rogues: Empowered Bandit’s Guile. Before I get into the nitty gritty, however, I should explain what exactly bandit’s guile is and how it does (or does not) fit into the combat rogue playstyle.

Bandit’s Guile is a specialization passive for Combat rogues that leads to a cyclical damage profile. As the rogue performs combo builders the mechanic gains a hidden stack, increasing damage at every 4th attack. At the start of combat the rogue does base damage, after 4 Sinister Strike or Revealing Strike casts, this advances to a 10% damage increase (shallow insight) for 15 seconds with the duration refreshing with each cast. After 4 more casts, the damage bonus is extended to 20% (moderate insight), then after 4 more it is extended to a 30% damage increase (this is deep insight). The 30% damage increase persists for 15 seconds without refreshing. Once it expires, the cycle starts over. Read More…

To the Point: Level 90 Talents

Ok. So I got lazy and didn’t do the level 90 talents right away. So sue me. Anyhow, with the realm downtime and LotRO (another MMO which I play very casually) patching, I decided to spend this time finishing up the talent overhaul and to explain what I had in mind for the level 90 talents.

So far we’ve had a talent row dealing with stealth, one dealing with stealth, survivability, mobility, non-lethal poisons, and control, all iconic aspects of the rogue toolkit. This leaves one class defining mechanic to enhance/change up in some way: Combo Points. Read More…