Moving Right Along: Level 45 Talents

In my previous discussion I expounded upon the general badness that is the level 30 talents and proposed a unifying solution to this. I chose level 30 as a survival tier since anything dealing with survivability is going to be useful while leveling–especially at low levels when you lack offensive cooldowns. At this point we’ve gained a few more levels (15 more, to be exact) and something I call “the novelty effect” is starting to wear off. By the time you are halfway through your leveling trip, the rate at which you gain new abilities slows down and unless you really like leveling, by now you just want to get it over with and move on to outland.

Since we’ve gutted the old level 45 talents and put a hole there, this makes level 45 a good place to move the mobility talents 15 levels earlier to help you get through leveling faster. For the PvP rogues, it can add a new strategic element to their gameplay. At this point you’ve had sprint (and nightstalker or the revised & renamed shadow focus) as your only mobility tools. Time to spice things up.

Level 45, I propose to be the mobility tier. Here we will have three options each enhancing your mobility in separate ways. But first I think sprint needs a slight baseline change. I am proposing sprint last 5 seconds on a 45 second cooldown. In terms of lore, rogues are an agile class and as such, mobility should be one of their strong suits. As it is now even Paladins have more mobility with their level 15 talents and in another 7 levels (at level 52), they get Hand of Freedom, too. So it’s time to give rogues back their mobility. Having frequent access to a slightly shorter duration sprint is one way to do this. My proposed level 45 talents each serve to enhance mobility in different ways.

The first talent I propose is Improved Sprint. This is like launch Burst of Speed meets the old often unused Combat talent. What I propose is that to enhance sprint, extend its duration to 10 seconds to increase mobility uptime, and give it a 6 second immunity to movement impairing effects (this means the improved sprint will work against roots and snares). The hand of freedom effect alone is powerful, but in cases where you don’t need it, this talent can seem like a weak choice against the other two, which is why I propose a doubling of the duration of the effect.

The second one will be Shadowstep and the only change I propose is to extend the range to 30 yards. 25 Yards seems arbitrary to me since most rogue ranged abilities have a 30 yard range. Cooldown remains at 20 seconds. Min-sprint remains at 2.

The third option would be a modified Burst of Speed. Burst of Speed will retain its niche as a high-uptime mobility option, but will not be possible to have 100% (it will still have much higher uptime than Improved Sprint or Shadowstep). The snare-removal aspect of Burst of Speed will be retained, the duration remains 5 seconds as sprint, but instead of being free it costs 30 energy and has a 10 second cooldown. This version of burst of speed replaces sprint so you can not have sprint AND burst of speed. The sprint glyph affects Burst of Speed to compensate. Part of the problem with the current Burst of Speed is that it’s cheap and spammable. No thought goes into using it. The revised version offers the pitfall of allowing you to be re-snared.

So the goal behind these changes is to all enhance mobility but they do so in different ways. In the case of Improved Sprint, you get a longer period of enhanced mobility but low uptime. The strength of the ability comes from the immunity to snares/roots. Shadowstep offers a teleportation tool with a short duration movement speed increase on a moderate cooldown in addition to the baseline sprint. Burst of Speed offers very high uptime (50%) movement speed increase, but with the pitfall that it now costs your primary damage resource and does not provide protection against snares.


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