The Shitstorm Begins: Level 30 Talents

Whenever I look at the level 30 talents, my only thought is “what. the. fuck?!” Seriously, what is going on here with this row? This is the first row that needs some serious attention, so take the same approach with the level 15 talents and look at the row as a whole and then look at what should be done with the individual talents.

So, looking at the row as a whole, I can only ask myself what exactly the theme is here? As you’re leveling a new rogue you see the level 15 talents all enhance stealth in some way or another. The balance between them is really on a much higher level and the problems are subtle. Whenever I go to row 2, I’m trying to figure out what exactly is the theme. It’s hard to balance them against each other if there is no uniformity in their function. Wasn’t this the whole point of the Mists of Pandaria Talent system?

I can see a connection between nerve strike and combat readiness, for survival, and I can also see some utility in deadly throw and nerve strike. But is it a survival tier or a utility tier? This tier just doesn’t make sense. I think they should just make it the survival tier and run with it. Level 45 is also a survivability tier, so we have two of those. I think this is a good place to start pruning. Let’s look at the individual talents.

For level 30, I propose to place elusiveness, cheat death, and a revised combat readiness. Elusiveness is fine as-is and tying it to feint rewards good gameplay. Cheat death, however, I feel should function more like ardent defender and should heal you to 10-15% health and reduce damage taken by 90% for 3 seconds.

Combat readiness, however, is laden with counter-intuitiveness. The first one is that combat readiness gets worse as your gear gets better. As you gain gear and your agility increases, your dodge chance increases. This increases the likelihood that your stacks fall (especially against one target). The other is that the damage reduction from combat readiness applies to all damage, but does not gain stacks from all damage. A fully stacked combat readiness reduces frostbolt damage by 50%, so why didn’t frostbolt stack it? I propose that combat readiness be a straight up rogue-wall with no stacking. But this increases its power so the cooldown and duration needs to change. I propose a 50% damage reduction for 8 seconds on a 3 minute cooldown.

Surely by now you’ll see that I’ve gutted the level 45 talent tier. I will talk about that in another post.


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