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A Stunning Row: Level 75 Talents

Stuns. I have two thoughts that come to mind when considering stuns. While we were doing heroic Nazgim last night, I was getting very frustrated at my 8 sec Prey on the Weak-enhanced kidney shot being DR’d by shorter duration stuns that don’t buff raid dps on that target. Rogues are THE iconic stun class and they should return to that. There are too many stuns in the game and many of them have utility that eclipses that of a slight damage taken debuff and duration increase (if Combat). I think Rogues need some stun utility so I decided to dedicate level 75 to enhance the rogue’s control. Read More…


Filling a Gap: Level 60 Talents

Ok, so by now I’ve described the revisions of the first three rows of talents as you level. Cannibalizing the level 45 talents for level 30 left level 45 with a hole, which I filled with what used to be  the level 60 talents. Now that we’re still at level 60, all we’ve done is move the hole down a row. So, let’s fill it.

By now your character is at the original level cap of the game, so gameplay at this point needs to be more robust. By now rogues have Cloak of Shadows, Relentless Strikes, all of our openers, all of our poisons, our alternate combo point generators, and Combat even has a dps cooldown in the form of Adrenaline Rush. Lets look at the list above for just a moment though and reflect on what it means to be a rogue, what makes a rogue what (s)he is. When people think of rogues they think of stealth, well, we covered that at level 15. They think of a tool for every situation. Well we handled the survivability toolkit at level 30 and the mobility toolkit at 45. You may notice that one of the major iconic rogue abilities that is missing is poisons. Yup, level 60 is going to enhance our poisons since we now have all of them. Read More…

Moving Right Along: Level 45 Talents

In my previous discussion I expounded upon the general badness that is the level 30 talents and proposed a unifying solution to this. I chose level 30 as a survival tier since anything dealing with survivability is going to be useful while leveling–especially at low levels when you lack offensive cooldowns. At this point we’ve gained a few more levels (15 more, to be exact) and something I call “the novelty effect” is starting to wear off. By the time you are halfway through your leveling trip, the rate at which you gain new abilities slows down and unless you really like leveling, by now you just want to get it over with and move on to outland.

Since we’ve gutted the old level 45 talents and put a hole there, this makes level 45 a good place to move the mobility talents 15 levels earlier to help you get through leveling faster. For the PvP rogues, it can add a new strategic element to their gameplay. At this point you’ve had sprint (and nightstalker or the revised & renamed shadow focus) as your only mobility tools. Time to spice things up.

Read More…

The Shitstorm Begins: Level 30 Talents

Whenever I look at the level 30 talents, my only thought is “what. the. fuck?!” Seriously, what is going on here with this row? This is the first row that needs some serious attention, so take the same approach with the level 15 talents and look at the row as a whole and then look at what should be done with the individual talents.

So, looking at the row as a whole, I can only ask myself what exactly the theme is here? As you’re leveling a new rogue you see the level 15 talents all enhance stealth in some way or another. The balance between them is really on a much higher level and the problems are subtle. Whenever I go to row 2, I’m trying to figure out what exactly is the theme. It’s hard to balance them against each other if there is no uniformity in their function. Wasn’t this the whole point of the Mists of Pandaria Talent system? Read More…

The Fine Art of Stealth: Level 15 Talents

I feel things need to serve some well-defined and logical purpose, and this leads me into my thoughts on the rogue talents, glyphs, and specializations in Mists of Pandaria. I will now try to focus on what I think is good and what needs to be addressed, starting with the level 15 talents.

This row is thematically unified, dealing with stealth. Stealth also has a more significant role in rogue gameplay at lower levels so the level 15 talent row is the best place to put stealth talents. As such I feel it is placed properly and does not need much in the way of iteration. One issue I have with the tier though, is that the strength of the talents vary greatly, and balancing can be problematic with synergies with certain specs or other talents. Read More…